Small cap. Big impact.

The innovative Energy Saving Cap (MMG-escap®) from MMG enables ship owners to increase the efficiency of their propulsion system by up to 3 percent. In contrast to conventional propeller caps, the MMG-escap® has an elaborate fin design. It straightens the hub vortex and reduces torque loss. The MMG-escap® is not just suitable for new propellers, however. It is also the ideal solution for making existing propellers more efficient. And because the investments required are manageable, the return on investment can be achieved in less than six months.

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An investment with multiple pay-offs

As model tests show, the average saving potential for a 7,000 TEU container ship running between Asia and Europe with the Energy Saving Cap is approx. 3 percent. For a vessel speed of 17 knots and a price for IFO 380 of 600 USD per ton the operating cost on an Asia round trip will be deducted by USD 96,000. The return on investment, for example, is achieved in less than 3 months. Another significant benefit: the optimised flow behaviour reduces cavitation on the rudder and hull, reduces wear and tear and, thus, increases service life time of the vessel.

In perfect alignment with every propeller

MMG has been setting standards in development and production precision for more than 65 years to exploit the potential of the design completely. Each MMG-escap® is individually customised for the propeller and the ship’s specific operating profile. This is facilitated by the firm’s production equipment, including the largest induction furnace in the world for copper alloys, computer-controlled five-axis milling machines and high-end machining centre. Experts use the latest laser measuring techniques to monitor quality. The MMG-escap® does not receive the Efficiency by MMG certificate until everything is perfect.

Fast installation. Global service.

Whether as a retrofit for an existing propeller, in combination with a redesign or as an extra for a new propeller on a new ship – MMG fits the MMG-escap® quickly and all over the world.

Propulsion for the shipping of tomorrow

MMG is continually researching new technologies and methods. We implement our ideas as specific and tangible innovations for shipping. We develop integrated concepts in collaboration with specialists and partners for more efficient mobility at sea.

New Dimension of Propeller: MMG-escap®


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