Doubly efficient – propeller and rudder in perfect alignment.

Global challenges require integrated solutions. In its drive to increase the efficiency of ship propulsion and reduce emissions MMG looks at far more than only the propeller itself. In partnership with Van der Velden Marine Systems, MMG has developed a fully optimised propulsion concept: the Energy Saving Package (MMG-espac). Optimised interaction between propeller and rudder improves propulsion efficiency and manoeuvrability significant. This enables ship owners to save up to 14 % in fuel.

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Comprehensive know-how for ground-breaking solution

MMG, the world’s leading propeller manufacturer, and Van der Velden Marine Systems, the rudder technology specialist, have pooled their joint expertise in MMG-espac, bringing tangible benefits for the shipping industry. Propeller and rudder are developed as an integrated and perfectly aligned system. This results in more efficient propulsion and much lower consumption. An additional plus: the optimised flow behaviour substantially reduces cavitation and, in so doing, extends the operating life of the vessel. For more economical fleet operations.

Perfection down to the last detail

MMG is setting new standards in development and production precision for ship propellers with its innovative 5D Propulsion. The Multidata Design Concept (MDC) facilitates highly accurate designs. We are the world’s only propeller manufacturer to incorporate over 2,000 operating points, e.g. load, draught, drift angle, speed, current, wind and swell on the planned route. Design accuracy down to the smallest detail is guaranteed by Numerical Propulsion Simulation (NPS), Optical Precision Measurement (OPM) and Numerical Controlled Processing (NCP). For maximum efficiency of the MMG-espac.

Propulsion for the shipping of tomorrow

MMG is continually researching new technologies and methods. We implement our ideas as specific and tangible innovations for shipping. We develop integrated concepts in collaboration with specialists and partners for more efficient mobility at sea.

New Dimension of Propeller: MMG-espac


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